• Pepe Jeans London

    Pepe Jeans London

  • Pepe Jeans London

    Pepe Jeans London

  • A Fish Named Fred

    A Fish Named Fred

  • A Fish Named Fred

    A Fish Named Fred

  • Freaky Nation

    Freaky Nation

  • Polbot


  • Madam Rage

    Madam Rage

  • Líderes en denim en la zona norte

    Líderes en denim en la zona norte


Founded in 1973, by the start of the new millennium Pepe Jeans London had confirmed its reputation as one of the biggest brands in the denim market. Pepe Jeans London remains at the front of the fashion pack with a winning formula based on its ability to deliver the strongest denim-led fashion in the market.



The design and manufacture are European.Dutch Design with unique styling and rich details in great European quality. The overall feel is fresh, young and colorful. Transit-Textiles  is based in a historic sugar factory with more than 100 years old located between Amsterdam and Haarlem.



FREAKY NATION is a German brand specialized in leather garments. The collection is imaginative, special, cool, made for young and creative people, with affordable prices.


Polbot is an Italian brand that has been producing outerwear (jackets, pants and coats) of a high workmanship and esteemed design for over forty years. POLBOT is aimed at a mature man with a sophisticated perception


Dress to impress. Created in 2005, Madam Rage has grown from a small family brand to a fashion phenomenon!  Dedicated to bringing our customers the latest stunning trends, Madam Rage offers a complete look for any savvy fashionistas. Madam Rage is your first stop-shop to dress to impress.


  • We are exclusive sales agency for PEPE JEANS LONDON in the North of Spain (Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja, Cantabria and Burgos). We are also the exclusive sales agency in Spain for A FISH NAMED FRED, FREAKY NATION AND MADAM RAGE. Also, we are the exclusive sales agency for POLBOT in Basque Country, Navarre, Cantabria and The Rioja.